small business marketing Packages

Neatly packaged small business marketing management and business development services packaged up which can help you boost your business and reach your business goals.  If you're near Hobart or further afield in Tasmania we can help you face to face and if you're far away we can still help with online workshops and support.


Marketing tips on tap 

If  you'd benefit from having someone in the know you can call on anytime we can help. With us by your side you can tighten up your business and make more informed decisions, manage risks better and more effectively working towards your business goals. After all, two heads are better than one. 

1 hour a week access to a marketing consultant and business development specialist for business hints, tips and assistance.  

$150 per week (+gst)

social media sorted

A combination of coaching and training, this package will help you navigate through the maze of social media for business.  Get strategic about social media and come out the other side feeling more like Yoda than a young Luke Skywalker. 

2 hour business workshop 

  • Develop a social media strategy 
  • Select your channels
  • Develop a 12 month content plan 
  • Learn how to develop content
  • Learn how to track your own social media progress.

Take aways 

  • 1 page social media strategy 
  • 12 month content planner spreadsheet 
  • New skill - generate engaging content ideas for posts and blogs 

$540 (+gst)



online overhaul


If you're not online and you can't be easily found you're missing out on meeting potential customers.  Learn how to rank better on Google and be where your customers are looking. 

2 hour business workshop

  • Online business presence audit 
  • Learn about search engine optimisation
  • Select your power keywords
  • Find out how to improve your website to make it more "visitor friendly" 
  • Learn how to increase visitors to your website


  • List of power keywords
  • New skill - self manage your Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
  • 1 page of your website optmised for search engines


$540 (+gst) 


Keeping up with the Jones' can be tricky. If you think your brand is getting a little dusty we can help you freshen it up. 

2 hour business workshop

  • Brand health assessment
  • How to build your brand - tagline, elevator pitch, fonts, colour pallette
  • Logos and design tips 
  • Your brand personality - how to bring it to life and live it


  • 1 page brand splash 
  • New skill - learn how to shape your brand over time 

$540 (+gst)