business branding

We believe that a businesses' people are the heart of the organisation, its core offering and how business is conducted is the soul and its brand is the personality. You want people to like your business so refining your brand proposition so it's appealing to your target market is crucial. We can give you the tools and skills to refine, build or strengthen your brand. 

Brand shaping

brand shaping

If you can't easily tell someone what your business does and how it does it differently from it's competitors it's likely some brand shaping is the solution.

Brand strengthening

brand strengthening + Re-positioning

Your brand is closely linked with your business reputation so it's important to strengthen it if you have a weak position in the marketplace or have a low awareness level of your brand. If you want to appeal to a new target market we can help you re-position your brand to make this happen. 

New brand

New brands

Launching a brand can be daunting as there's lots to think about. Logo, brand identity and how all of this will work on your website and through your marketing material and stationery.