Brighter Businesses and brands

Ok, I'm going to be totally honest with you. Right now, this business is a one woman show. But don't worry because I'm a walking, talking 1 person marketing department. 

I leave my clients feeling more confident, smarter and with new tools and marketing hack tips to help boost their brand and businesses, making them brighter. 

I'm in marketing so here's a few more wanky marketing consultant words to describe how I work; empower, passion, spark, strategic, synergy, unlocking hidden potential yada yada. 

What I am

  • one of those annoyingly infectious positive people (it's infectious so bearable) 
  • I view business problems as fun puzzles and opportunities to learn and grow
  • all about integrity, openness and honesty
  • a stellar communicator 
  • professional and diplomatic 

What I'm not

  • One of those consultants that wastes time and produces squat.

Nothing is too small or too big so give me a buzz on 0420 307 775 to find out if I can help. 

the more serious profile


Gemma Saltmarsh

Marketing Consultant
Business Development Consultant
Project Manager
Aspiring Life Coach


Gemma is a Marketing Consultant and Project Manager with over 10 years’ experience. She is passionate about helping business professionals and owners reach their goals and their full potential. She has completed a Bachelor of Psychology, Marketing and Management and a Masters in Tourism. In addition to her academic knowledge, she has collected a rich and diverse array of skills and experience in her professional career and has worked in the printing, publishing, finance, and hospitality and tourism industries. She provides marketing and business development assistance and advice and project management services. She grew up in Tasmania and spent a decade in Melbourne developing herself professionally before returning home.

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